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3 days to go, 18 backers, $866 pledged! We still have $2134 to go– if you’ve been thinking of backing, now’s the time to do it.¬†

And, of course, thanks a ZILLION to everyone who has backed so far! ¬†Regardless of whether we end up making the goal, we’ll be thanking our backers with a concrete prize of some kind (as yet to be determined…).

Now then– are you in?

This could be a delightful event, especially as J’s abuelita was Cubana and he grew up on frijoles negros and platanos. Per the ubiquitous Wallyhood blog, we find that the Seamonster Lounge (admittedly never an EE favorite) is already serving Cuban food, and may soon extend its hours to include lunch and dinner!

The chef’s blog can be found at, and features a menu. Sadly, the menu is sorely lacking when it comes to vegetarian entrees! I admit to finding this a bit odd, as frijoles negros con arroz could easily be an awesome (and inexpensive) veggie entree with a side of plantains, or a “tapas” soup.

In short, looks as though J will have plenty of options for a full meal, while poor E will be restricted to “tapas.”

We’ll post a review if we visit. Meanwhile, my grandmother’s recipe for frijoles negros may appear on this site at some future date.