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E:   In a area glutted with Thai restaurants, Jhanjay manages to stand apart as delightfully refreshing!  There are delicious versions of the old standbys- curry’s, phad thai, phad see-ew  – but there are also simple and original dishes such as Abundant Asparagus and the Jhanjay Omelet.  It is completely vegetarian – but J still loves it – It rates high on the EE scale.  The veggies taste fresh and most dishes come with a choice of tofu (steamed or fried) or veggie meat.

J:  As the non-vegetarian, I’m especially impressed that, unlike other veggie joints in Seattle, Jhanjay deliberately avoids trying to come up with kitchy ‘fake meat’ versions of vegetarian dishes.  They offer “veggie meat,” but they don’t try to pass it off as chicken or beef or pork.  Their offerings are tasty enough that they don’t need to try to fool meat eaters into experimenting with all-vegetarian cuisine.  That said, I’m not sure that a die-hard carnivore would be able to appreciate every item on the menu.

E:  Sad, but true.  I recommend starting with their appetizer sampler platter.  A delicious array of fried goodness – corn patties, cream cheese wontons and Asian fries (made from Taro root).  If you are trying to be more health-conscious their soups are quite tasty.

J:  The soups are also quite sizable, and if you tell your wait staff you’ll be splitting a bowl, they’ll happily bring an extra bowl and utensils for sharing.

E:  For main dishes – you can choose between noodles, curry’s, stir fry or specials.  I love the  Phad Woon Sen with Veggie Meat (with fun bean thread noodles) and Abundant Asparagus (when in season) when I’m feeling like something fresh and healthy, and I splurge on the Buddha Basket (in a edible noodle basket)  and Jhanjay Omelet (with veggies in a sweet and sour tomato sauce ) when I’m a hungry mungry.

Phad Woon Sen

Phad Woon Sen

J:  I’m also a huge fan of the Jhanjay Omelet.  Even though I generally don’t like mushrooms (yuck!), I can appreciate them in the right context, like when they’re mushed beyond recognition into compressed cakes of pseudo-meaty goodness.  Hooray!

Jhanjay Omelet

Jhanjay Omelet

J and E:  If you’re in Wallingford, and in the mood for some tasty Thai, Jhanjay will treat you right.

Ratings (1 lowest – 5 highest)

Veggie Friendly:  5 Moos
Open-minded Carnivore Acceptability:  4 Moos
Close-minded Carnivore Acceptability:  2 Moos
Food:  4 Moos
Service:  4 Moos
Price:  3 Moos

Overall EE Rating:  4 Moos

Jhanjay Vegetarian Thai Cuisine
1718 N 45th St.
Seattle, WA  98103