One balmy fall evening, J, a lifelong omnivore who will gladly try anything at least once,  met E,  a dedicted vegetarian.  Far from being incompatible, the two of them began dating, and E knew it was love when J made her a vegetarian version of his famous spaghetti pie.  Since then, the challenges and compromises of being a “biculinary” couple have been a celebrated part of their relationship.

J loves meat.  Any meat from any animal is worth at least a taste or two, the fattier the better.  However, as an adventurous omnivore, he also loves vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

E never lets meat cross her palate (though she’s sometimes tempted by fried seafood).  Nonetheless, as a tolerant member of the vegetarian culture, she has no problem with J’s carnivorous proclivities.

Together, they began creating recipes that would please the both of them, often coming up with creative vegetarian substitutes for meat dishes, or multiple versions of dishes which could include meat or be meat free.  They began touring local Seattle restaurants in search of vegetarian entrees that would please the palate of the avid carnivore, and non-vegetarian restaurants that could accomodate E’s needs as well as J’s.

Their situation is by no means unique, especially in a day and age where vegetarianism is on an increase but bacon is experiencing a renaissance.  There is also a renewed focus on ethical eating and issues of sustainability; more meat eaters are becoming aware of the unsound practices of factory farming, which the veggie set has known about for years.  So, they decided to share their experiences with the world, and The Edibility Exam is how they’ve chosen to do it.

The Edibility Exam will present reviews of vegetarian restaurants and non-veggie establishments which ask the following questions:

–  Vegetarian Restaurants:  Would this place please a meat eater?

–  Non-vegetarian Restaurants:  How well does this place accomodate a vegetarian?

We will also feature recipes for the biculinary, local foodie news, and more.  We hope you’ll check us often!

This site is dedicated to E from J. She’s his best friend, the love of his life, and a damn fine person with whom to share a kitchen. I love you, E!