No, not that kind of animal testing– the *cute* kind!

At CooksDen, we decided to apply the scientific method to that important question. We brought in an unbiased test subject — one who has superior taste buds, is unaffected by marketing hype, and is unafraid to express her opinions publicly.

Meet Hammy the Hamster. Hammy was kind enough to participate in hours of rigorous testing in order to get to the bottom of this critical issue. Read on for the results — they just may surprise you.

Obviously this was a very rigorous scientific experiment, that mainly proves something most of our readers probably already knew: Organic Food Tastes Better.

Don’t take our word for it! Try this simple experiment:

1) Hard-cook two eggs, one conventional (factory farmed) and one organic (and cage-free and free-range and grain-fed).

2) Peel. Add a smidgen of salt. Taste the conventional egg.

3) Drink something to cleanse your palate.

4) Add a smidgen of salt. Taste the organic egg.

If you’re like me (which you may or may not be), you will discard the conventional egg and never again buy into the notion that such eggs should qualify as “food.”

You can also try this experiment with green peppers, which will reveal conventionally farmed peppers as odious waxen objects filled with bitterness, and organic peppers as delicious vegetably goodness. Indeed, these two examples alone should convince the lover of food that the slightly higher cost of organic stuff is money well-spent.

Let us learn from our friend the Hamster, and go taste something organic today!